A Sunflower Playhouse and Watering the Dog

The plan was to plant sunflowers all around the perimeter of the windmill, so in a month or so we’ll have a little playhouse or fort… Aviana lost interest in planting after about six holes. Brielle didn’t even last that long. I dug about half the holes and then my mom took over for me. I didn’t realize how much work it would be to dig holes through the grass!

The girls were supposed to be watering the seeds but they got a tad bit distracted by my parents’ dog. They sure enjoyed watering Gypsy though, who kept coming back for more. They were filling their watering cans up in the five gallon bucket under the pump, and drenching everything within spraying radius in the process. Brielle is asking for help in the video because the water level has gotten too low for her to reach and fill up her watering can. You can’t really tell how wet Brielle is in the video, but trust me when I say she was dripping wet and cheerily squishy. I loved hearing them laugh. And they were laughing the entire time we were out there.

We got a package of Mammoth Russian Sunflowers which went around the 14’x14′ perimeter. Tomorrow we’ll plant a couple of packages of Heavenly Blue Morning Glories to grow up the legs of the windmill and eventually up the sunflowers. The seed packets were only$1.79 a piece so even if my grandiose plan for a sunflower house doesn’t turn out like I have envisioned, all the fun the girls had today will be well worth it.

7 thoughts on “A Sunflower Playhouse and Watering the Dog

  1. Oh I am always so happy when I find someone planting a sunflower house for their children. I wrote Sunflower Houses in 1991 and since then hundreds of people have shared their stories and photos.

    I wish you the very best of luck and I hope all goes well for you and yours. Hurrah for your family!!!!

    Blessings, Sharon Lovejoy sharon@sharonlovejoy.com

  2. What sweet pictures! My girls always loved to play in the water. I could give them a bucket of water and it would entertain them for hours. I like your idea for the play house-it will be so pretty.

  3. Oops, forgot to mention in my post from last night that my dear and treasured friends Jane and Jack Hogue live in Odebolt, Iowa and they have the BEST gardens I’ve seen just about anywhere. Many of them are filled with ideas for your own garden. It is a wonderful place to go for a day, picnic, visit the greenhouse and gift shop, and just have family fun. If you go please give them my love.

    Sharon Lovejoy sharon@sharonlovejoy.com

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