Sunflower House

Our little sunflowers are coming right along. If I can just keep them safe from the mad mowing man we should be golden. I’m looking forward to when the girls can see them without my having to point them out.

Coincidentally we found this book at the library yesterday. It’s terrific, for many reasons. It’s written in rhyme, has adorable and realistic illustrations, holds both girls’ attention, and shows the process of their sunflower house from start to finish and deals with feelings of disappointment too at the end of the season.

One thought on “Sunflower House

  1. Thanks for the book idea– I’m going to pick it up from the library.

    Please keep us posted on the sunflower house progress. I just put up the poles for our living teepee. I tied twine around the poles and this weekend I’ll plant climbing flowers around it so they will vine up the twine and make a cook hideout. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it.

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