Church–good. It’s been a month! I was sick last week and the previous two weeks I was working in the toddler room. I miss corporate worship!

Brunch–good. We are cutting back–we had been ordering pizza every Friday night. Now it’s frozen. We had been going out to a local family restaurant every Sunday after church. The girls always had the Early Bird Special. Now we make the homemade Early Bird Special–today it was malted banana pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Story time–good. We are on our 8th-9th week of kindergarten, except in our Bible. We are “behind” where the curriculum says we ought to be, so I’m trying to read double a day.

Quiet time–good. I’m doing some fun searching around online, and updating our homeschool binder for our next quarter.

Weather–good. The sun is out today for the first time in weeks. I hung clothes out to dry for the first time in weeks! Actually, not clothes, diapers, cloth diapers. My goal is to use cloth diapers at least 2/3 of the time, thereby saving around $400 over the next year.

So, right now at least, it’s all good.

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I make homemade pizza every Saturday night. I make enough to have leftovers when we come home from church on Sundays. It works for our family b/c we can't swing the extra cash for delivery:)

    Your blog is a fun place:)
    I like what you said about your husband in one of your posts…about how he's not choosing work over family…he's providing for you.
    Earlier in our marriage I also used to struggle w/ those same feelings.

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