Sunday: A day of rest?

Not so much.
I used to totally roll with days like the one we had yesterday. Used to be totally the norm.

Kevin had his first gig Saturday night at a coffee shop Saturday night and I got to go. It was so fun to watch him play, and enjoy himself. Then we went to Target, but they closed three minutes after we got there, so I didn’t get to browse*pouts*.

The girls stayed over with Grandma and Grandpa, bless their hearts. It was beyond blissful to wake up to silence, to just lie in bed and not have anyone petting me, or asking for breakfast over and over again.

I went to get the girls after rushing around because I stayed in bed too long. I single-parented once again as Kevin was FINALLY able to start planting! Yay! It’ does get wearing though when he’s working from 7ish to 9ish every. single. day. So far I’m having a pretty stellar attitude about it, if I do say so myself–thanks only to God.

I took the girls to church solo, then I taught Sunday school to 17 sweethearts. Now that they are getting to know me and my toughness (if you don’t obey, you don’t play), they are less and less the hooligans. So all told, we were at church for well over three hours, which probably explains Aviana’s meltdown. We ate ham sandwiches in the car, along with apples and some teddy grahams, (contributing to the “pig pen” state of my van) so we could get home and have quiet time right away.

We read another chapter in Wizard of Oz. Aviana napped well, Brielle took a while to settle down. While they napped I made some birthday cards, wrapped a present, and finally found the sink under all the dishes and cleaned the counters.

I woke the girls in order to attend a 6 year old’s birthday party at a party place with big inflatables. A lot of the girls’ friends are older, but this is the first time I really noticed the big age disparity. Plus my friend was pretty busy with all the supervision, and I didn’t know the one other mom who stayed. When does it become the norm to just dump your kid off at a birthday party?

After a cupcake and juice box, we zoomed to Joyce’s church for their annual Mother/Daughter Banquet. I’m always glad to go–she loves to show off her granddaughters–but I was pretty darn tired by this point. Much too tired to deal well with any criticism.

We stopped to get good-night kisses from Dada in the field, who was able to get five acres planted before it got too dark–after a day of trouble with the planter. The girls were in bed by 8, and I lay down for a ‘rest’.

Which actually ended up being the beginning of my restless night’s sleep. Kevin woke me around 11 so we could talk for a bit. And that, my friend, was that.

One thought on “Sunday: A day of rest?

  1. The single-parenting thing is tough. I did it for the last four years – not fun.

    Woman – I need a nap just from reading about your day! I didn’t know it was possible to pack so much in! You are amazing 🙂


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