Sun, May 23, 200410:55 AMUT’s graduation- It was great to see so many of my students step into adulthood. The gym was so hot I felt faint. I have a whole new appreciation for how my sister felt last year at my brother’s outdoor graduation when she was a month farther along than I am!

Last night we had a home group reunion with the group we used to attend. It was great to see everyone. One couple whom we haven’t seen in a while brought their 8 month old little girl with them. She was born at 27 weeks- about as far along as I am now! I couldn’t imagine our baby coming now! She was only about 2 pounds, but is doing wonderfully now (as is her mom who was also pretty sick). What a miracle!

Friday Dee and I went out to lunch and to the Family Christian Bookstore. I found a book by Kevin Lehman that I just loved – I think it was called “First Time Moms”. Dr. Lehman is one of my favorite Christians and he is a psychologist as well. I didn’t buy it then, but I bet it would be a great one to have on hand.

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