Sun, May 2, 200410:41 AMI can feel our little miracle move all the time now. In fact, we can even SEE it move when s/he bobs me a good one & makes my belly pop out! It’s amazing! Now we know where they got the idea for “Alien”, as sometimes it seems like a little alien baby dancin’ around in there!

It’s been a busy week! My school had prom on Saturday. It was fun to see the kids all dressed up and enjoying themselves.

Sunday we met my parents in Iowa City, had lunch, and did some shopping. Then I went with Kevin’s mom to a mother/daughter banquet. They had a family of entertainers there, the dad writes songs. He did a duet with his eight year old son and the chorus made me cry—“You’re my fishin’ buddy, Let’s go catch a few. You’re my buddy, I love you” He also had a song about his family on Friday nights- they can finally slow down and reconnect & then the final stanza was about how Christ laid down his life to connect with us on a Friday night. I really enjoyed myself.

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