Sun, Jul 2, 20062:29 PMWe have been having some trouble with our computer/internet, so I haven’t updated in a while. Hope you’ve been missing me!

Right now Kevin is snoozing on the couch & Aviana went home with Grandma who stopped over to pick some cherries and “conveniently” had the car seat in her car “just in case”. Grandmas! 🙂

We have quite the little project going on in our front yard. A 6 foot deep hole. Our washing machine and other water related appliances have been backing up so Kevin had to dig up our septic tank. We found the problem (the ‘we’ would Kevin) and will be having a pipe replaced as soon as a plumber can come over. Hopefully, it will be just one stretch of pipe and not all the way up to the house- which would entail a lot more digging and of course a lot more expense.

We had our home group over to grill out on Sunday-nice little party. Then Monday night I had a stamping party, which was also fun and I had been fretting that only three people would be there, but I ended up with a houseful. Tuesday I ended up having a playdate here all morning with 5 moms and 6 tots and we had a wonderful time playing outside and then we grilled burgers for lunch–but on the George Foreman. I was going to grill out but Kevin has scared me to death about the old grill- “you have to do this, then this and then this in exactly the right order and at exactly the right time or it will blow up” And then none of us could get the gas to turn on on the new grill (and Kevin so helpfully says when he finally gets up to the house, “well I thought you could figure it out, the directions are sort of on there”) Just because I have directions doesn’t mean I can get the knob to turn. Too bad we didn’t realize the gas was already on. Or that he had somehow left the old grill on from our party on Sunday! Oh well, we still had a picnic outside, even if we had to do the burgers inside.

Wednesday A & I hung out at home until after her nap, then we went to get adjusted and then over to my friend’s to pick up my new Stampin’ Up! catalogue- that I have looked at about 70 times already. Both my chiro (Dokta Ana) and friend (Antee Tee) have kids for Aviana to play with so we had a wonderful afternoon. Aviana and Heemen (benjamin) fed the fish and Aviana and Addie played with Addie’s toys. Good times.

We had a nice little day trip to Kalona Ia on Thursday sans Baby A (of course Baby B came along:))We met up with my parents and grandma at the SumerKuchen, a little Amish-ish restaurant there. We didn’t really have time to stop at any of the antique stores in the area, but it was grand to have a grown up lunch at any rate. We also picked up the trailer that Kevin had purchased and dropped off three motors to be repaired on the way.

We had a midwife appt that day as well; everything is going swimmingly. I’ve gained 27 pounds and the baby’s heartrate is 158. He/she is head down and while I’m measuring a little small (no, I’m not kidding!), it’s still totally within normal parameters. As of Thursday, I didn’t really have any swelling, but that has changed in the last couple of days.

Friday Aviana & I went up to meet Kevin’s cousin & her girls at a park. The twelve year old delighted in carrying Aviana hither and yon and doing whatever Aviana wanted, and I delighted in letting her and sitting perfectly still. Then that afternoon I took Baby A to Penney’s to get her two year old pictures taken. As Aviana says… “Penney’s house… picture take”. Her one year old picture is still in the “model book” at the studio. I’m still so proud. This batch didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped- didn’t really capture Aviana’s true personality- her zest for living and efferecent exuberance. So while I purchased several of the poses, I came home and played photo studio the next day and was MUCH more impressed with my own efforts, even though much more low tech. She just needs to feel comfortable.

Through all this week Aviana has been an absolute joy! She is listening and stops whining or throwing her temper tantrum right away. She has been so obedient. I’ve been able to nap-or at least rest- when she naps so I’m feeling better too. Her words are just exploding and she’s amazing with what she puts together and remembers.

We left her with a new babysitter last night to go to a wedding reception and she did splendiferously. Additionally, it’s always fun to hear someone else tell you stories about how clever your child is and how much fun they had with her. Today, we had church and Aviana “ride jeep” “ride roo” “play tids nursee” “ride bus” “see fends” plus as a special treat, we took a cruise on the Mississippi on the Channel Cat “ride boat” “big plash!” “see duts, mama babees” “sun out signing” !

That’s about all the exploits I have time for. We’re going to be late for home group now. OOops

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