So you may remember I gave up sugar for Lent?

Here’s all the sugar Kevin had to hide from me.

Just kidding. He’s going to spray sugar on his fields (if he can ever get IN the fields).

Lent is basically over and I’m trying to decide what to do now. I am feeling more and more convinced that I need to make some serious changes to my eating.

Have you ever heard of the Paleo Lifestyle? That’s essentially eating as our hunter/gatherer predecessors did. It would be no sugar and no gluten, lots of veggies and meat.

I also did a nutritional typing test on, which seven months ago, identified me as a protein type, but when I just retook it, said I was a mixed type. Nutritional typing is helpful for achieving optimal health. Which of course is what I want.

Plus I need to lose at least 13 more pounds to get my BMI out of the overweight category.

I want energy without resorting to coffee.

I don’t want food to be a constant thought in my brain.

I want to eat foods that don’t mess up my insulin.

I want to feel well, and I want to be healthy and young, with amazing immunity in the long run.

I believe that the right foods can do it.

I’m pretty sure giving up sugar has been a good start. No food from a box is a good start. Nothing with more than five ingredients is a good start. Food the way God made it is a good start.

But where to go from here…

4 thoughts on “Sugar

  1. You have a great start! Have you looked into Clean Eating with Tosca Reno? She isn't as holistic and makes a ton of money off so such a simple plan but it has worked for us. When we stick to that principle Gene and I both feel great. It sounds similar to your post. I would love to find a book that has a quick reference for food that is similar to medical reference.

  2. Amazing you have given up some of those things. I'm glad you're feeling energetic and healthy! I'm thing the nothing from a box would be very good and cause me to starve.


  3. You sound just like me. Apparently everything I was taught as a kid is bad. Grandma was right- potatoes make you fat and Crisco isn't supposed to go in biscuits, LARD is. I've watched Fat Head on Hulu about seven times trying to remember WHICH type of fats are bad and which are good, LDL is bad right? and who knows what else. But I totally agree with you- sugar is making me fat. Dear Lord, please make chocolate a low carb/high protein meal I can live off of. While You're at it, God, please give me Dallas Cowboy cheerleader legs. Amen.

  4. Great post. I would add that we have been much healthier since we started following God's health laws of the Old Testament. Basically the command is to not eat scavengers. Unfortunately this includes shellfish (shrimp and crab) and pork. Anyway, the food laws can be found in Leviticus 11.

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