Stupid Norway

Our friends just left. I’m so sad. I know I’ll see them again, (tomorrow in fact) but the move is imminent. Looming omininously. They fly out Tuesday at 5:30 and will be starting their new life across the sea.

It’s so hard to find a friend with whom you hit it off so well, right away. And then to have her be in same life stage as you, and have the time to spend with you, and share in almost all of your same philosophies, and for your children to love each other too, and your husbands to enjoy each other’s company===that is just a rarity, almost an impossibility. To have a friend who epitomizes caring and loving, who prioritizes just spending time, and isn’t scheduled every second of the day, who trusts God for her future, even when it’s scary, unknown and staring her in the face is a beautiful thing to witness. To walk together, mourning the loss of a child, and at the same time be able rejoice with you in the child yet to be born is just amazing. To keep a positive outlook on life, even, and especially, when it’s so full of stress and everything going wrong that can go wrong and more tragedies happening than one family should be able to handle, is a wonderful trait to be able to partake in. To know- and know that that you know that you know- that you are just as important and special to her as she is to you, is something almost indescribable.

This is Anne (pronounce it Ana) and Aviana when Aviana was only 4 months old.

And this was today…

And now I won’t have another picture of them until, like, next year. And Anne won’t get to meet the baby, unless he/she comes in the next day. And I won’t get to see Benjamin grow and change. And we won’t get to go the zoo together anymore. And Aviana won’t get to “play Heemin” (play with Benjamin)anymore. And… Stupid Norway. Stealing my friend.

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