I have too much of it.

Jesus never owned anything.

Why am I compelled to keep five years of back issues of Country magazine? A bunch of my grandma’s dishes nobody in the family wants, but because we have the space to store them, I should keep, just in case? 30 +/- pairs of shoes? So. Many. Clothes.? That extra pitcher I need, um…never? A deck of cards that’s missing a few cards? TAPES?!? A juicer we used once which was exceedingly disappointing? Souvenirs from trips I took, or other people took, with whom I don’t even keep in touch? All. These. Books.?

Watch out family; I feel a purging binge coming on.

As an aside, if I lived in an RV, would I have to give up access to the library?

7 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. regarding your magazines:
    a friend of mine inspired me to rip out my favorite pages (the reason i was hanging onto the ENTIRE magazine) and start my "own" magazine with all of my favorite things. it encourages me to recycle away my stacking magazines, and when i need some inspiration i turn to "my" magazine of favorite things!

  2. We've been slowly purging lately as well. 🙂 And no, you don't give up your library access. You simply have your mail forwarded to a PO Box and voila, you still have local residency. 🙂

    On worrisome fact [for me] with an RV is not being able to separate the screeching chilluns behind separate closed doors. 🙂 We have a 2 bedroom apartment with a [relatively] open kitchen/living room. Separation for sleep/time out/whatever gets complicated 🙁

  3. Purge it!! I had 10 years worth of Martha Stewarts and I went through them and ripped out what I wanted. yeah…I haven't even looked through the pile of pages yet. We move every couple of years so I'm getting really good at purging..haha!

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