Stuff I really really like

* Quixtar laundry products–It’s economical, environmentally friendly, and it works better than anything out there, in my humble opinion. I bought the biggest container of the powder last January and still have about a 1/3 of it left. I do a load of laundry almost every day, and last spring we were still cloth diapering part time. The only time I’ve had the stain set fail me is when something accidentally goes through the dryer, and even then I’ve been able to get some out.
*Pampered Chef–The stoneware, chopper, can opener, bamboo spoons, spatulas and apple slicer are my favorites because I use them almost every day. They are high quality and literally make my life easier.
*Cutco Cutlery-– I sold Cutco one summer and fell in love with it. Then I didn’t even cook as much as I do now. Another huge time saver. Even the vegetable peeler rocks! When I am at someone else’s home trying to cut something, I realize once again how much I love my knives! And I never thought I could love a knife.
*Usborne Books— I love these books so much I am now a consultant for Usborne!
*My white couch–I got it at a tag sale for $40!

*My Black & Decker food processor–I got this for $5 at a yard sale this summer and let me just say I do NOT know how I made baby food for two babies without it! I use it all the time.
*My wrap
*Watkin’s cough syrup–it’s drug free and really works. I like a lot of Watkin’s products better than anything else on the market.
*Signing Time–You can see samples of their videos on Youtube; I just found one of the DVD’s at our library one day and thought it would be fun. All the of the ones we’ve viewed so far are so fun! And educational, and helpful for word recognition, and entertaining, and memorable, and the creator is the mother of two special needs children, and started Signing Time just to teach family, friends, and acquaintences how to communicate with her deaf daughter. They have a heartwarming story.
*Our Iowa, Country, High Five, and Wild Animal Baby magazines
*Jaywalking on Jay Leno! –Guaranteed to make me laugh, and laugh, and then laugh later on when I just think about it!

That’s all I can really think of right now! Tell me some of your favorite things…you could post it at your blog (make sure you tell me though!), or comment it… I’m not picky

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