Still sick

We’re going back in to the doctor’s when the office opens at 12:30. Aviana no longer has a fever but she complains so about her tummy still hurting. Every time she awakens, she cries; she seems to moan/pant in her sleep, making me think she’s still in pain even while sleeping. She can hardly stand up and won’t walk anywhere. I was up late trying to find some help or advice on line, but didn’t really. Although I did come across some interesting information about vaccinations. I couldn’t really sleep anyway because I’m so concerned about my sweet baby A. This is so unlike her, and all I can think is that it must be something more serious–the story of Madeline comes to mind “Nurse, it’s an appendix!”. I paged the doctor this morning, described what was going on and he said to either take her to the ER or bring her in to the office this afternoon. He said that if a child can jump, that ‘s a good sign it probably isn’t appendicitis. We did get her to jump once, while making horrible pained faces, after which she promptly lay down on the floor and closed her eyes in exhaustion.


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