Still here…

My kitchen’s a total wreck because I let Aviana make cinnamon bread all by herself, and I hadn’t completely cleaned up from lunch.

But I’m tired now and don’t want to deal.
I’ve been slightly addicted to Gilmore Girls on DVD and 16 and Pregnant online. I really shouldn’t be watching that show since all those girls are thinner at full term pregnant than I am now, and walk around in their regular size 0 jeans right after delivery and it makes me insanely jealous.
I’ve been eating too much sugar, and not getting out to walk enough, but I’m tired and part of me doesn’t care (until I look in the mirror).
I got my hair cut this week and I really liked it in the salon. Now I hate it.
My kids are awesome. Cadrian is talking more and more. He’s hilarious, so full of life and love and compassion. He’s a noticer and he loves being a farmer’s son.
Brielle is coming into her own–she’s amazing. She can be so conscientious when she wants to be. She is still a little ball of fire, but in a much more of a controlled burn kind of way. She cracks everyone up with her spunk.
Aviana has discovered a new level of silly at six. She’s learning more every day than I thought possible, and says things like, “I’m just doe-ing to div you the abridged version of the story.” She is absolutely honest and completely adorable.
Denton is as sweet as can be. He is getting fat rolls and is making progress in the smile department, although he’s still a little stingier than I would like. He is a snuggle bunny and I love how he just stares at me. He’s quite the squeaker, awake, nursing and asleep.
They are the joys of my life, and even though I hate my belly and my hair and my kitchen, life is good.

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