Staying on Task. Or Not.

I had high hopes for what I could get accomplished by 10:30. Incidentally, it’s 10:42 and I am attempting to nurse the baby down for her nap. 

Here’s how my to-do list this morning played out. 
Check FB while nursing Finnella at 6. Slither out of bed about 6:30. Try to renew library books due yesterday but it’s already too late. Collect them from the cabinet. One is rain damaged and I’ll have to buy it. At least I liked it! One is not in the cabinet. Not too bad of odds considering how many we check out at a time. 
Go out to office. Stare out the new storm door at the last vestiges of rain from the storm last night on the deck while listening to the cacophony of birds. Go back into kitchen to get a cup of teeccino. 
Cadrian is up. Go back out to office to work on updating my birth related resource list for my Birth Boot Camp recertification. Cadrian follows. Asks a barrage of questions like, “Which would you like better, to die in a rain storm or get run over?”
Finally give him permission to make a smoothie so he’ll disappear for a bit. He actually didn’t make a giant mess! 
Work on updates. 
Kevin comes in, wants to chat. He finally wanders off to catch the news. 
Girl child brings me baby. I take baby to Kevin, who’s watching TV. 
Finish updates. Start working on community groups, like La Leche League. To most easily find the information, I go to FB and quickly wander down one rabbit trail after another, including discovering that a year ago today Finnella smiled her first smile and looking at family photos we had taken four years ago.
One child after another keeps coming in the office, while somehow Kevin manages to continue watching the news alone. I must need to change something with my pheromones so I’m not so attractive. 
By 9 am Elivette is the last one up. Ask Brielle to make her and Finnella some eggs so I can go work out. I go to get dressed and realize I need to unpack. I get everything out of the suitcase and make categorical piles on my bed. I get some things put away when Elivette comes up crying because Brielle won’t make her malt o’meal. 
I finally get her calmed down and get dressed, leaving my bed covered in clothes. 
I head outside to work out. I’m tired and not really in the mood but I keep at it. It’s not long before Elivette comes out with a bowl of cut up delicious fresh peaches and starts to feed them to the dog. I rush her inside and ask Aviana to make her some malt o’meal since she refuses to eat anything else and Brielle refuses to do as she (or I, for that matter) asks.
I see someone had gotten out last night’s pizza so I grab a piece and heals back out to the patio. I ate pizza while working out. I take my fitness very seriously.  
I at one point get distracted by the weeds and start pulling some when Cadrian comes out. ” I thought you were supposed to be working out!” 
I finally straggle done, and go inside fully intending to get everyone rounded up for Circle Time, but Finnella is so fussy I take her upstairs to nurse her. 
And that’s how I managed to get 1 1/2 things checked off in the four hours I’ve been up. 
How much I love today is a better goal than how much I get done. 

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