Springtime and Easter Fun

Prep for our Easter craft–egg hunting masks; for our Easter Egg Hunt Party
Bennent and Cam make masks
Aaron and Elisabeth work on theirs
Kylie models hers with help from Mama Amie
Jason and Jocelyn
Aviana and Alyssa are ready to hunt
Aaron, Isaac and Jackson wait for the “GO!”
Brielle is off and searching!
Aviana scores!
Aaron (who has a loose tooth) and Elisabeth return with baskets full of eggs
With a bit o’ help from Dad, Ben climbs to reach a couple of wily eggs.
Easter egg cupcakes and
Easter egg pizza thanks to familyfun.com (which also provided the idea for the bunny masks)

We had 34 people here for Easter fun!
And Aaron lost his tooth!
Clear signs of spring:

All the birds were chirping beautifully today,
My pussy willows are blooming,

The rooster is getting frisky,
And it’s SNOWING!

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