Sound bytes of the Farm Fresh Life

I made a new set of these magnets. Aviana had pretty much worn the other set out. I got wise this time and just covered them with packing tape instead of using Mod-podge like I did the first time. Faster, and will be more durable. Terrific way to use up those free business magnets that multiply around here like coat hangers.
Kevin’s parents went on an Alaskan cruise. We’re house sitting for them (at least we go over there and check on it, get the mail and what not). They live on a lake, and of course, Joyce cleans much more thoroughly than I do, and they have satellite. We spent the night over there the other night. It’s weird, you know, it’s only my in-laws’ home, but it felt a bit like a mini vacation. We watched Borat–which I WOULD NOT recommend because of several lewd and offensive scenes. There were however some absolutely hilarious parts to it, when he wasn’t being all gross.
Am I really that hard up for free time that I consider a night at my in-laws’ a night away?
In the morning, Aviana and I watched a couple of episodes of A Baby Story. She was fascinated, and I was impressed with the questions she was asking. She remembers a lot more than I realized about Brielle’s birth. I got all teary eyed watching. I wonder if that means I’m ready to start thinking about another one…
Great Mail Day–I got a card from a dear friend, and a catalogue. The catalogue featured all things autumn. What? Autumn? I’m just easing into July and getting used to it being summer.
I recently spent some time at this website–its a collection of regular, average mom’s pictures, and stories of their battles with self-image, self-criticism. It helps me see I’m not alone in this struggle and helps me feel better about how I look–instead of comparing myself to a fantasy standard, like to compare myself to fellow moms like Denise Richards, I can see that real moms don’t really look like celebrities do.
If I would just choose to see myself as God sees me, instead of how I compare to anyone else, I’m sure I’d be better off.

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