Sometimes I’m a freaking genius

This is one of those things where I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner.

Every afternoon we have Quiet Time. Some days this works beautifully, and some days it is far from quiet. Some days Aviana plays independently well and some days she sits in the door way asking me when she is done, and to come look at this thing or can she play with that thing that is in her Preschool Cabinet or whatever ploy she thinks might get me to pay more attention to her. Brielle is hitting a “stage” of playing through her nap time, although she still needs a nap and needs a lot of monitoring some days.

I stumbled upon a great idea one day when we were playing around with our CD recorder. I ended up reading an entire treasury of fairy tales book (as many stories as would fit onto the 80 minute CD)and put it in a Discman for Aviana to listen to during Quiet Time on those days she is intent on pestering me.

Then I got the bright idea (if not slightly obvious–I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes–luckily my kiddlets don’t seem to notice) to borrow some books on CD/tape from the library. Right now she is on her second listen to Little House on the Prairie. She already heard many readings of Little House in the Big Woods. Next up, Charlotte’s Web.

Needless to say, she has already completed all the reading minutes necessary for the entire summer reading program!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m a freaking genius

  1. Okay…you’ve got me excited! Did you read my post on the playhouse? Well, the girls wanted a playhouse…but I’m thinking that discmans would be a better use of that money or better yet…ipods or mp3 players…the only problem…sigh…is that their mother doesn’t know how to use those gadgets (ipod/mp3). Even at 27 I still grew up in the walkman age! I guess I’m going to have to call a teenager from youth group to come help me!

  2. I have done the same thing with Eve, except I didn’t think of earphones!!!!

    Um, TOTALLY brilliant.

    I heard all of the books in the Little House on the Prairie series 87 million times… I could probably quote them.

    I haven’t gone to the Library here in town, I have been to the one on base a lot, but they don’t have any big books on tape. Only small ones, and that won’t cut it for my girl 🙂

    Hurray for brilliance!!!


  3. Such a great idea! We have a 2.5 year old and she will listen to books on my iPod. (I cannot take credit for that, got the idea from the lady at Delicious Baby.) Also, we downloaded some videos from iTunes (Thomas, Curious George, Sponge Bob) and she will sit and watch those with headphones (I have one of those video iPods). She could do the earbuds, but not really well, so we bought a little set of headphones. My husband is taking her on a long flight tomorrow and taking the iPod for toddler entertainment. If it works as well as your “quiet time” idea, I think everyone on the plane will thank him!

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