Sometimes I have to wonder if I have a sick sense of humor. It does seem a bit cruel to laugh at my sick feverish daughter. She has a cold and you know what you sound like when “you hab a code”, add in her already adorable preschool pronunciation of several letters (which include “weed for read” “tat/cat” wite/like” “dis/this”), and the fact she’s trying sing “Alouette” in French, and I think you’d laugh too.

Or maybe I’m just mean.

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  1. Goodness, if I got into trouble every time I laughed (inappropriately) at my kids, I’d be grounded till Jesus comes back!! I know exactly how you feel … we’re recovering from the latest cold right now, and my kids sound so pathetic and so cute! I try to have sympathy, but then I just start laughing, and offer them another cup of tea. Which they accept, after glaring at me. 🙂

    Hope your angel feels better soon!

    ~Brea, the tinymama

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