Somebody find my brain…

it’s too little to be out wandering around by itself.

Sunday I left the diaper bag over at our homegroup, so I’ve been without all the essentials I keep in there all week.

Tuesday I left my new last year leather jacket at the library. When I realized it was missing this morning, I called, and it’s not in lost and found. Someone walked off with my jacket.

I’m driving myself crazy. Luckily I have not yet misplaced my wallet, phone or one of the children.


Speaking of forgetting: Don’t forget, Tomorrow is our It’s Real Life! There’s still time to make an Introduce Yourself video/photo montage and link up over at Heart of the Matter tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Somebody find my brain…

  1. It happens to the best of us!! lol.

    I wish I had time to participate in the video meme tomorrow, but I am just not figuring out how to get video off of my camera onto the computer and I’ve had this camera over a year!! Ug.

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