Some Serious Silliness

Kevin’s birthday was Saturday. I thought it might be nice to take a little picture of the two of us. Apparently, we can’t do anything without being big goofballs. Happy Birthday, My Love.

We spent the day over at a friend’s. We grilled out and hung out. That evening we watched a man movie–Die Hard or Live Free (Thank goodness for TVGuardian!, it’s amazing how much cussing there is in a PG13 movie!) I think it was a good birthday!

15 thoughts on “Some Serious Silliness

  1. You guys are just tooo cute!! It’s great to have fun with your “other half”, isn’t it? So many people miss out on the fun, but it’s such a special gift! Be sure to tell Kevin Happy Birthday from South Florida!! 🙂

  2. Mer-yes, sometimes it messes up–like it misses the swear word or it does bleep out too much. And in action movies it can be kind of distracting, plus we haven’t been able to use ours on VHS & TV like we’re supposed to, just DVD. But totally worth it nevertheless.

    And thanks all, for thinking we’re cute…

  3. Happy Birthday to the hubby! You guys look very cute, and you look wonderful being almost due!

    Are swelling, because my hands and feet are huge today 🙂

  4. Adorable pics! Yall are very cute and sweet together! My bro gave my hubby the Die Hard trilogy for a birthday and I’ve been putting it off for a year or so. LOL I may should surprise him and suggest it one night! You’re a good wife!

  5. You look great in the 1st pic, he looks the best in the 2nd pic and then, the fun pics…happy birthday Kevin! He looks 10 years younger than he is…seriously!

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