Some days are just like that…

Even in Australia.

We’re all sniffly and headachey around here and some of us constantly have mucus running profusely out of our noses, others of us are puking and making messes at both ends.

I made the mistake of taking a shower today. Why do I even bother? Not only do I end up with small people fussing at me and trying to climb in with me, but my efforts are totally wasted by day’s end anyway. Brielle was pretty much inconsolable today, which is highly unusual for her, so I had to try to help Aviana get dressed and tie her shoes with a baby on the boob. Luckily, I’m talented like that.

Stressed out a little? Already? You betcha.

“I have got. to. get. out. of. this. house!” I thought to myself. We headed to the fall back locale, the library. After getting everyone strapped in the car, I had to run back into the house for a tissue stash-we went through at least one and a half boxes today–and it was so quiet. and peaceful. Yes, the thought did occur to me to leave the girls semi-permanently buckled safely in their seats while I…went to the restroom alone? Put lotion on all by myself? Savored a cup of coffee? Read the comics uninterrupted? High aspirations, I know. But I quickly quelled that notion and dutifully ran back out to the car.

Properly looking behind me to avoid running over any cats while backing out of the garage, I promptly knocked off the rearview mirror. Clear off.

I’m sure all the bawling had more to do with Brielle’s utter whininess and the stress I was feeling, but nevertheless. Kevin was really sweet about it though, hugged me and said he could get a new one, no problem. We have one of the most popular cars around, so it’s easy finding parts for a Taurus, says my loving man. I love you, loving man!

We headed for the library –and on the way, I called my mom for commiseration, who told me the story of my great-aunt, with all three of her kids in the car, in the pouring rain, knocking the DOOR of the their car off! I was laughing so hard! And poor Aviana, in the back seat, asks me, “Mama, are you laughing or crying?”

I’m immensely proud of my daughter. She’s such a good listener most of the time, and is generally well behaved in public. It makes me feel a little smug to tell you the truth. The other two children there were bratty. Their moms would say, “No”, and they would do it anyway and nothing would happen to them. Story “hour” was a bit of an exaggeration as it lasted just shy of twenty minutes.

We put together a million puzzles, and read a kazillion books and played with the dollhouse and I checked my email–and found out that my cousin is expecting! on our anniversary!– and nursed the baby several times. and changed her twice. and then it was time to head home for lunch.

I made cheesy tortillas–which Aviana calls Zateas (like Zaccheus in the Bible) and I wanted to lie down with Brielle for a nap. Aviana has been doing GREAT with her quiet time, so I explained what we would do and she understood…

Well. Let me tell YOU. I had to put the kabosh on using an entire roll of tape. Had to take away the scissors. Had to stop her from using all the sheets from the lint roller. Had to tell her to put her potty back in the bathroom. Had to remind her to use her quiet voice. Had to reiterate that lying with us in bed means lying perfectly still and no kicking!

Will this training process never end??

I am grateful I did, however, get to lie down for an hour even though I still felt really crummy. Then Brielle woke up and promptly pooed up her back, all over herself and my sheets. I took her with me to the kitchen to set the timer for Miss A’s quiet play time completion and out of nowhere, she did this: this blitzkrieg left me having to strip off my clothes as well as hers.

After the changing and washing, we headed outside for some play time.
Finally! SMILES! (Don’t get too close however, as you will be as covered with snaby (snot + baby= snaby)–as I am.)

Which was great until I told Aviana we needed to put our stuff away so we could go inside and have dinner. Tantrum time. Man oh man! I have seen Aviana throw a tantrum or two in my day, but this one topped them all. I’m pretty sure it was almost an hour long, traversing the playhouse, playset, entire yard, porch, her room, and several different “reasons” not limited to not wanting to put the chairs on her playhouse deck, not wanting to put her shoes inside, my not ‘taking her swats away’, not wanting the door shut. She nearly lost her voice entirely, and upon regaining a small modicum of self control, asked to be rocked. We prayed (again, mind you) and she promptly fell asleep. Without dinner. At 6:40. For the night. And I was nursing Brielle at this time too, feeling overwhelmed but peacefilled simultaneously. I tell ya, I don’t know how God does it!

Brielle fussed all through our fancy dinner of chicken nuggets, green beans and fries, played independently for nearly the first time all day while Kevin and I watched The Bachelor from last night, and finally nursed off to dreamland.

3 thoughts on “Some days are just like that…

  1. What a great blog…funny and real. I am also in Iowa, homeschool, and I am a Christian. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but it’s great. Maybe we’ll run into each other at the library or something. Happy blogging!!

  2. Oh joy, you have the coming out both ends stuff that plagued our house when Jayden came home from the hospital. Never fear, it does end though it seems like it never will. For Trevor it lasted a week from start to finish.
    Loving the pictures, your girls are dolls even sick!

    LOL, did you read ALL of my recent posts? There were a ton of them!
    oh and as far as the cami’s go, I guess they are more tank tops than anything but uber comfy!!! I live in these things. I’ll probably wear nothing over them in the summer. Well once my brother moves out. They definately expose a bunch of boob and I’m not too keen on my bro seeing my boob! I’ll be happy to not be descreetly nursing anymore. (he moves out in a week or 2)

    Anyway… here’s the link to the tops. If the link doesn’t work just search nursing tanks on

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