Some day

I might just miss…

…constantly having someone on my lap or in my arms.
…picking up shed single socks every time I cross a room.
…always hearing someone talking or singing in their happy cricket voices.
…only being able to have one room at a time picked up and clean.
…being able to “fix” my own coffee.
…not having anyone wake up before dawn.
…hand drawn, creatively colored, sticker covered decorations all over my walls and doors.
…little people to make breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner for.
…not having a step stool to put away whenever I go into the bathroom or kitchen.
…tiny handprints on my mirrors and windows.
…winter gear piled up in the entry way, ready for a snow mountain climb at a moment’s notice.
…someone eager to go get the mail for me.
I just might.

3 thoughts on “Some day

  1. Enjoy them while you can! But my baby is 21 and I'm still picking up the socks and other laundry from the front door throughout the entire house. Some things you'll never have to miss.


  2. While this is a shorter post, it's actually such a deep concept!

    It's amazing..the world doesn't see how these things are to be missed….maybe for a fleeting moment as they say, "whew, soon they'll be off to college" (that makes me cringe on so many levels) but honestly, since they've been living for self for so long, it's a no brainer that would be a plus..

    Us mama's for Christ? I mean, surrendered to God's Will and praying for more of Him and less of us? It's amazing how much this IS our life.

    I didn't think I'd miss it so much when my first few were young…because I hadn't quite gotten that point yet. However, God really got a hold of me. Now, when I wake for the umpteenth time with a baby at night, or rock a sick one, or pray with an older one…or, you know, clean the pee of the toilet.again today.

    I am starting to say, "All for thee", as I know I am doing HIS work! A byproduct of that is, God willing, little souls devoted to Him, less of me, and more memories made..a life full of kids will hopefully be replaced at one point with a life full of grandkids!

    God Bless you so much sister..

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