So good

It’s so good to feel good.

I have been getting back to normal–we went to church on Sunday (my first time for several weeks) and I even took the kids to story hour yesterday, and on an outing today–pick up milk, grocery shop and a reward trip to Goodwill. The girls didn’t find anything they wanted, but even so I was so proud of them for first of all, being such good examples at the store, and secondly, not buying something just because they could.

I, on the other hand, found two maternity shirts I don’t really need, and a raincoat and jacket for Cadrian. It was just in time too, because it was raining fish hooks and hammer heads this early evening.

We wandered down to the barnyard to meet our new little red heifer named Lolly. She’ll be bred this spring to our bull Shawnee Five Star. She’s been broke to lead already, so if we can manage to spend enough time with her and keep her tame, I hope to milk her after she calves next year… emphasis on IF.

I watched a PBS special on DVD called A Midwife’s Tale. It of course caught my eye because of the title, but it is really a story of a woman in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s. She kept a diary, an almanac, a record of her work, of the tragedies and joys of her little town in Maine, of the life and loves and heartbreaks. All captured in a few words a day, every day, for 27 years. Also interesting to note, in over 1000 births, she never lost a mama in childbirth (there was a death of a mama a few days after birth) and only a few babes. Remarkable–and a much better current record than the ‘established’ medical community of hospital birth and prevalence of cutting mamas.

I set off the fire alarm making dinner tonight, but the homemade tortillas and refried beans were quickly devoured and the noise didn’t really seem to bother anyone. I forgot until it was too late that beans and rice together are a perfect protein, so I’ll try to remember to get the rice going next time.

UPS brought my Belly Armor blanket today and a book; Five Minute Art Ideas (I wonder if that includes clean up –doubtful). I’m looking forward to getting my splurge purchase of a Belly Chime.

Also got a tutorial for a Katwise coat. I want to make them for the girls–and me too if I’m brave enough. I’ve never seen anything like this on the streets where I live, but I sure do love the feminine twirliness! It’s so refreshing to be able to think about starting a project!

Hug your babies tightly. Listen to them breathe. Nuzzle their sweet soft cheeks and pray for them.That’s what I’m going to do and then go sleep on my new pillow (all night even, if the past few nights are any indication!)

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