So far today

Among other things, I’ve fed Aviana, fed Brielle, given many kisses and snuggles, played several rousing games such as “Growl”, “Airplane”, “Zerbert” and “Eat you up”, checked and responded to emails, drank so me coffee, gotten Aviana a snack, bleached out spots on a skirt–recieved while clean hanging on the line, incidentally–looked for a hammer, markers, and my marbles, and finally uploaded this video of Brielle walking It won’t be long before all the interneting I do will hardly take any time at all because we’re getting high-speed!!

I have to put away some clothes now and get going over to a friend’s. We’re having lunch then going to a sprinkler park.

2 thoughts on “So far today

  1. Jenny says:

    Your kids are so cute! I read your blog all the time – so I feel all caught up with you! It occurred to me today that I could leave a comment with my love 🙂

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