SO–Aviana is 5 1/2. She was so excited to be 5 1/2 I baked her a lovely light luscious delectable mocha layer cake. She delighted in frosting it herself. We had the grandparents and cousins over and had a wonderful time. Grandparents love to be Grandparents. I thought the whole “1/2” thing was a little silly, but she was SO thrilled to be 5 1/2. The Grandparents however were as thrilled as she was! Her grandma got her a card and two dollars for her pony fund and her Gigi brought her her very own plate sized cookie (which her mama won’t let her eat most of)! They LOVED it!

MMMMM to the homemade buns and zesty burgers and broccoli casserole and baked potatoes we ate. I know because there aren’t any leftovers! Drat.

SO–Cadrian is now 18 months. A year and a half! He’s so much my baby, but he’s getting so big! *wipes a tear away*

He’s also FULL of It, as you can see here during the Great Frosting Caper of ’10.

SO–I’ve been thinking a lot about cell phone use and its inherent dangers. It’s interesting to say the least. Verrrry verrry interesting. One should be informed.

SO–I finished my first pair of baby booties. I still have to get a double ended needle to make the I-cord ties. Aviana sewed one of them together and did a better job than I did, I think. I was quite impressed by her skills!

They were supposed to be for my cousin’s new baby coming next month. However, they fit the above mentioned 18 month old. As it turns out, a size 4 needle is not the same thing as a 4.0 mm needle. Huh. Go figure.

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  1. That first picture of Aviana cracks me up. That's the same look you are going to get when you tell her she can't come in an hour after curfew. haha!!

    And no a size 4 and a 4mm needle are NOT the same! haha!! Apparently you should also check guage regularly…I don't! haha!

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