Snowmen and more

We have had a snowman week. It was completely a coincidence, but still I feel so cool, like a pre-school teacher with a themed plan. We made snowmen today from paper plates, and decorated snowmen at story hour. We did snowman songs, some of which Aviana already knew because we’d been doing them here at home this week. And we heard some snowman stories-one of which we’d already read, Snowmen at Night. Check it out if you get the chance. The other day we made snowman snacks. It was really special for me when we walked into story hour and the had a snowman theme too!

Speaking of special, my grandma has been staying with us. She is an amazing woman. It is wonderful to see her and Aviana playing with blocks or reading stories or making meatballs together. I think we really miss out on a lot when our social circles don’t span the generations.

Speaking of social circles, K and I are expanding ours. We started a marriage class last night that was gobs of fun! First we played a version of the Newlywed Game (and I won’t admit that we tied for last) which I LOVE! WE got it for our wedding and play it every chance we get. Then we got into the meat of the class- Love and Respect. Our marriage has grown SO much over the past four years, and we can honestly say we love being married–but (you knew that was coming)it is hard work. HARD. WORK. God created men and women to be so different, and yet, He created us for each other. It’s rather an odd paradox. The author of Love and Respect, that our class is built on, talks about it as men see things through a blue filter and women through pink. It’s an analogy that really works for me, as this is incredibly common in our relationship, in any given relationship. If a couple doesn’t realize this is happening however, and doesn’t realize that each of them genuinely is well intentioned and loving, just viewing life through completely different lenses. It causes a lot of conflict because we don’t understand or sometimes even come close to comprehending, the other one. Anyway, I’m glad we are taking the class. We already know one couple in it and we’ll get to know some others well I think. Brielle didn’t stay in the nursery very long, so she hung out with us too. She was amazingly well behaved. The woman half of the leader couple told us that Brielle is the cutest baby. Ever! I quite agree. Well, probably she and Aviana vie for the cutest title.

Speaking of Brielle, have I mentioned she is fat, fat, fat? I love her pudge! I am also oddly proud of how gloriously chubby she is. I look at her and say to myself, (not out loud) (at least not usually) “Look at that! Mama’s milk did that! I did that!” I’m so proud of my God given milk making abilities. She is at the top of the percentile range for both weight and height. She is also starting to get up on her hands and knees. As you know, she’s been creeping for weeks now, and soon she’s going to be actually crawling. She’s going to be dedicated this weekend, and as many as can come of my dad’s side of the family will be coming up for the H__________ Holiday Happening. I’m SO looking forward to it. I don’t think any of them have been to our house before. Snow is predicted for Sunday; I hope it doesn’t interfere with any of their travel plans.

Speaking of snow, we have had a snowman week. 🙂

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