Snow Day

This smattering of snow is just a warm-up (hee, hee) for the big storm they’re predicting for tomorrow night. When you’re a kid though, you’re thrilled with any bit of snow!
The girls, too excited to even get dressed, dashed out in their pajamas, and baby brother was not far behind. He just didn’t know what he was in for.

We had oatmeal and hot cocoa for a snack, followed by some snorkeling in the Caribbean.
Because that only makes sense.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. It was our first snow day, too….got about as much as you did, looks like nothing on grass, but on our deck it looked substantial…I could make snowballs!!! You got some great photos. I hope we get more!

  2. I am jealous… i want a real snowfall so badly. we only get a good real snow every couple years here. sat we got some looks like snow while it is falling but then when it hits the ground it is more like rain… stuff… pretty outside the windows, but not the blanket of white I enjoy looking at!

  3. We had a snow day and the kids were sick and couldn't go out to play in it- it was TORTURE!!! So we baked brownies, took Christmas card photos , and I counted the hours til bedtime. 😉

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