Small Towns

We love libraries. There are three main libraries we frequent, in nearby towns with populations of 1000, almost 3000 and about 5000. We go so often to the biggest one, the librarians know us by name, and know what we like to read, which I love. All the librarians are so accommodating and helpful, eager to point us in the direction of this book or that resource, or do an inter-library loan for me.

The one in the town of 3000 is our favorite though. They have a great selection of children’s books, the children’s area itself is well thought out and welcoming, the layout is wonderful, and it seems they have a lot more Christian fiction than the others.

We decided to go there yesterday. We arrived to find the library closed! It didn’t open until 2, and it was only 11. We sat down on the sunny steps to decide what we wanted to do. I couldn’t decide if we wanted to forgo the library altogether and go to a park or something, or if I wanted a good half hour drive to the nearest open library. While we were contemplating, (actually, I was the only one contemplating; Brielle was in non-stop motion, playing with rocks and Aviana was ‘writing’ in ‘her’ notebook with gel pens) a librarian showed up.

“We don’t open until 2.”
“I know, I should have checked on-line, I just didn’t.”
“I’m really sorry. Would you like me to take your returns in for you?”
“Sure thank you.”
A few minutes later, she came back out.
“Would you just like to come in for a while? I have some work to do, and will be here for at least a half hour.”
“REALLY? Are you sure? THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Because it was a small town library, they don’t open at 10 every day like I thought. But because it was a small town librarian, we got to have our library day, and have an even more special one–how often are you the only patrons in the library?

Next time though, I’m going to check the hours on line before I leave the house.

7 thoughts on “Small Towns

  1. Our library opens mostly at 10am, but there are 2 days a week that it opens at 12 noon….and that always throws me for a loop! Last night we went for evening storyhour…the kids all brought their teddy bears!

    We are hoping to get some chickens. Although we’d like more land, we are in the city, and the market for selling houses isn’t great right now. So, we’ll probably just get 2. Any suggestions?

  2. Wow! How awesome!! That would never happen here! lol That’s what happens when you live in the big city! lol

    BTW, can you tell me how old chickens have to be to begin laying eggs? My daughter got two from school as babies and boy, are they growing fast, but I have no idea when they start laying eggs.

  3. Our first batch we got at the beginning of April and we got our first eggs in August. That will be a fun project!

    Our best layers, Marfa are Production Reds.
    BTW, Mylinda, do you have a blog?

  4. How special! What a sweet lady, and nice surprise. And hey, there were no misbehaving children of other people for you to get on to this time. >:) (that story still makes me snicker)

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