Sleep, or a lack thereof

Sleep. Oh you elusive commodity. If only I could store you and take out extra when I needed it, like, oh, I dunno, today!

Sleep had never been an issue for me until I had children. And then what do you know, I was tired. I didn’t even know what tired was, until I had kids.

In fact, my very first blog post was about sleep. Or a lack thereof.

Aviana has only become a good sleeper in the last nine months or so. She goes to bed well and willingly everynight at seven, and sleeps until seven or later. It only took 3+ years to get to this point.

Brielle is not quite there. I really don’t like 3 a.m. Especially not when the two year old is screaming because you put her back in her own bed.

Cadrian is a pretty good sleeper at night, but he only catnaps during the day, unless I hold him, and even then it’s chancy.

Aviana is over naps. Brielle still needs one, but she stays up until 8 or later then. Of course, she stays up at least that long regardless.

When Aviana was a lot younger, I read The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers. Lots of great tips and ideas and a wealth of information about how vital sleep is (in case you need a reason besides your sanity to stick it out).

I need to read it again. It’s a very honest look at what you can expect from your child, what is appropiate for their age. Then the author offers a wide variety of possible solutions that can be implemented as a system that will work over time. Many of her suggestions worked well for our family.

Naps are kind of a big deal around here. In fact, I have mentioned naps in no less than 109 blog posts. Brielle is still a struggle. At nap time. So I am very excited to find out that now there is now The No-Cry Nap Solution. I can’t wait to read it.

But even more than that, I can’t wait unil coffee is not a substitute for sleep!

9 thoughts on “Sleep, or a lack thereof

  1. I so hear you on the sleep issue. I too never knew I was tired until I had kids. Pink is almost four and it is just within the past couple of months that nightime sleeping has been actual sleeping. She still wakes up VERY early no matter how late she is up and even though she needs a nap she rarely takes one. Buddy was a great sleeper during the day until more recently. Nap time has been a struggle and in the mornings he has been waking up before Pink. Some days I feel so sleep deprived I don’t know how I function. I have not had a day where they both napped at the same time in soooooooo long!

  2. I hear you too! Goosey didn’t sleep well until forever. she still is more of a challenge than Lu to get to bed. but the kid requires mass amounts of the stuff to function. she’s 4 1/2 and still needs a good hour nap or so to be sweet. Lu on the other hand is a good sleeper. I can count less than 10 nights since she quit nursing that she’s struggled with sleep. I have already started praying (seriously) that this new one of ours is a good sleeper. I need that. really, really. hope tonight is a full night of sleep for you!

  3. I so zzzz…understand zzzz about not getting enough zzzzz’s!
    Although, I will remind you what all old ladies say (cause I’m an old lady), “This stage too shall pass and you’ll wonder where it went…” Tis true dear friend. I wish the Crumb Snatchers were still younger…

  4. It wasn’t until about 5 that my girls slept through the night- consistently, except when they are sick. Going by that guideline, I’m not far from a GREAT night’s sleep… because Mackie is still up every night somewhere between 10 and 3. once, and I just let her crawl in with us… I know, I know. But they all did it and they all eneded up in there own beds , all night, at 5.

  5. oh – I have osted many a post on sleep – argh – sleep and I are not freinds – sleep and my children are not friends. Someone told me while I was pregnant with my first child – “BE a sleep Nazi” that is the best advice I can give you – I really had no clue what the heck he was talking about – I do now though!!!!!!

  6. I’m right there with ya girl! I ended up gettin Ethan in a habbit of only sleeping in his swing during the day and realizing that was a very bad habbit I took it away on Monday. He isn’t sleeping very well during the day in his crib.

    At night he was only waking up 2x a night but now…. he is up every hour – hour 1/2. I really don’t know how I function during the day. Thankfully the other 2 sleep wonderfully, I just can’t wait to sleep throught the night every night. I hope the book helps you out

  7. I think I need to find that book and read it. i am SO sleepy. Only another mother with small children would even understand how absolutely sleepy I am. not just tired… sleepy. One day they will sleep, i have a 12 year old so I know they eventually will. just takes a long time 🙂

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