SIze matters

I saw an adorable elf hat pattern in a knitting book. I knew I just had to make it for my one year old sweet boy. Only it had me making cables.

I’ve never done cables. I’ve been knitting for about two years now, but I’ve never done cables. Or color changes either. Or anything with true shaping, like a sweater. Or anything else that requires a lot of attention…

But this time I thought, I can do it. So I watched a couple of how to videos just to reassure myself, and soldiered on. I went out and bought special yarn, knitted a size swatch because I wanted to make sure it would fit him, and began.

The hat turned out ok (except for the very first cable turn).

Oh, and except for the fact that it didn’t fit Denton! It was too big for ME! I have no idea where I went wrong (unless I mixed up centimeters and inches or some crazy thing).

So I tried again. This time– was pretty cute!

Now if I could just get him to keep it on for more than eight seconds.

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