Six weeks pregnant

Yep. It’s true.

I made it facebook official, but hadn’t spread the news to the wider world of my blog.

I’m really thankful I’ve had no real sickness this first part. Some days I’m super exhausted and want to be in my bed at 4 p.m. This hasn’t been really handy, since Kevin is deep in the throes of harvesting and is working longer hours than usual.

There is a lot more mental and emotional processing happening because of the way Elivette’s birth went down. We want to have a solid plan in place to keep me safe and keep giving the Farm Fresh Family their mama.

I also had gotten serious this year about getting my doula certification from DONA and possibly even taking midwife assistant’s class, and I’m disappointed to put that all on hold. I know there are a lot of working moms out there, but for me, and our style of parenting, I’ll need to wait until the baby is about a year old before I take new clients. I’m still taking clients while I’m pregnant though!

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