Six Months Old

Six months already! man! How did that happen?

We celebrated with a little Valentine’s party complete with wedding videos, albums, some Newlywed Game (at which we got soundly spanked. Again.), sparkling Catawba juice, a tasty dinner, and gooey yummy Molten Chocolate dessert. Good company all around. Highly enjoyable evening.

Miss Brielle’s Milestones this month:
**She pulled herself to standing just tonight. She has pulled herself up on her feet before, but she has never gotten all of the way to a complete stand; she sort of gets stuck in a wizened old man position. Tonight she did it!
**She loves peekaboo
**She looks for things she dropped, and can’t find them, even in her lap. She does know they went…somewhere.
**Has eaten carrots, pears, banana, applesauce and oatmeal.
**She crawls now at an amazing clip
**She protests loudly if she isn’t allowed to play with something she most desperately wants.
**She’ll stop crying to listen to us sing to her.
**She’s a great talker, vocalizing conversationaly for long periods of time.
**She can stop total strangers in midstride just to admire and make eyes at her. She is absolutely arresting in her demand for attention.
**She is the smilingest baby, for which I will always be grateful!

And we got a new wrap. It’s called a Mei Tai. I still need help getting it on the back evenly, comfortably and securely, but I can do it a lot easier than with the wrap I have. I can hardly wear her on my front anymore, as she is just so big. Not to mention grabby!

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