The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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For Today…

Outside my Window…It’s dark, gloomy and the air is whispering, “Fall is coming! It’s almost here…”

I am thinking…I’m hungry

From the learning rooms…read a child’s version of Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), and Max Lucado’s Best of All

I am thankful for…my girls helping to pick up the house and get ready and go to bed with nary an argument, complaint or strain of disobedience

From the kitchen…breakfast: cereal
snack: grapes
lunch: a huge salad for me, chicken nuggets and fries and the ever popular “Target brand mixed vegetables” for Kevin and the girls
snack: yogurt with rice flakes and blueberries
dinner: spaghetti and meatballs, salad and parmesan bread

I am wearing…grey yoga pants and a tee shirt from Alaska Also baby spit up. I know. Attractive.

I am reading…Scrapbooking with your Kids

I am hoping…I’ve lost weight at my VERY FIRST Weight Watcher’s weigh-in tomorrow

I am creating…scrapbook pages (with pictures from last summer!)

I am hearing…Cadrian hiccuping, the air purifier

Around the house…clothing organization–putting away things to be handed down to Brielle, filling box upon box for donation, locating and hanging the fall things

One of my favorite things…my guy’s muscular arms and abs

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…
MOPS and Weight Watchers tomorrow
babysit tomorrow
Aviana is attending Good News Club by herself for the first time Wednesday
zoo on Friday
hopefully to a friend’s for Iowa State Football on Saturday

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…Little astronauts on a rocket ship to the moon!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook is held over at The Simple Woman every Monday. I’ve read it on several of the blogs I read, and since I’ve really enjoyed those posts, thought I’d try my own.

8 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. I havent poppped into your blog in a while. Not good – i have missed so much!

    I love your blogging style and share so many of your core values.

    Kinda wish I could come read books in garden with you and yours….

    And your boy is SMILING already. Gosh, I been gone too long.

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