Should you let the government parent your kids?

Mike Huckabee and Mike Ferris discuss “The U.N. Convention for the Rights of the Child (CRC)”

*Under this treaty, your 13 year old child could sue you for grounding her, or via the court force you to not take him to church “so much”.

*Reasonable spanking would be illegal.

*Christian schools would not be able to teach that Christianity is the only true religion.

*Children would have a “right to leisure”.

*If a government worker disagreed with a decision you made in regards to the best interest of your child, YOU would be overruled.

*The CRC would overrule the U.S. Constitution.

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4 thoughts on “Should you let the government parent your kids?

  1. oh dear lord……….. what is this world coming to? why do people even THINK that way.. there are ENOUGH problems with our youth NOW… why encourage more ridiculousness?

  2. Ridiculous…why do some people want to control so much? America is wonderful because it was the place for freedom…we must uphold that!!!

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