Shopping marathon

Today I was up before sunrise (no big surprise there, but I wasn’t grumpy about it). Kevin had to be out the door early to load cattle onto the truck headed for the packing plant. I helped move them yesterday with Gary (FIL). It was kinda fun! Then I got the girls all loaded up and went to a new class at my gym. It’s called Interval Body Works- which doesn’t begin to describe the intensity of the class and how out of shape I am! It’s a combination of fast paced weight lifting (and lucky me, today we were supposed to use our max weights) and step aerobics (I haven’t done step aerobics since 1999!). Needless to say, I was exhausted, but at the same time energized and proud of myself.

Then we went to the grocery, which was surprisingly busy. I would have thought all the normal people would have gotten their groceries before Thanksgiving, but I guess I’m more normal than I thought.

Then I went SHOPPING. For me. I don’t do this regularly for several reasons; the top two being money and not liking my body right now. I got five shirts for me (from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Land’s End, and Polo) one for Kevin (Van Huesen), and two pairs of workout pants. I spent a total of $21! I love second hand stores! Aviana was so fun and helpful. Brielle got tired and grumpy, but wasn’t too bad. It was a great trip. Yay me!~

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