Shepherding a Child’s Heart

My parenting philosophy has drastically changed. I cannot any longer recommend this book. A good place to start would be Dulce de Leche.–edited May 2014

I’m re-reading this book as Aviana is so very two, and realized I am so not up to the task. There is so much responsibility in “training a child in the way he should go”. I have screwed up so much already and she’s only two!

It is however, a truly applicable, Biblical, necessary book, and I highly recommend reading it at least every six months until your kids are grown.

One thought on “Shepherding a Child’s Heart

  1. momma g says:

    I don’t believe you’ve screwed her up too badly! There hasn’t been enough time yet to do a really bang-up job! HA! Seriously, you know there is not a parent alive who doesn’t have regrets, and can’t come up with 50 things they wish they’d done differently and/or better, or choices they’d make differently. When you are in the thick of it, it’s hard not to be too hard on yourself, but…remember this: God DELIGHTS in you!! Love, Mom

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