She’ll be the death of me yet

Brielle is such a good climber, I don’t even pay that close attention to her any more. Of course I extricate her off the table and the fish tank, but pretty much let her take measured risks.

Over at her grandma’s today, we were getting ready for a meeting with some guys, and no one was watching the baby. She climbed up on a chair, a feat she has performed nimbly thousands of times, and without any warning, we all stood shocked and still because her head made such a loud THUMP! as it collided with the linoleum.

I swooped her up into my arms, and she started wailing even louder. Shrieking. I was stunned to feel a lump as big as my palm and as big as my cupped hand on the back of her head. That, combined with the high pitched hysterical crying, prompted me to call her pediatrician to see what signs I should look for in case it was more serious than a bump on her head. This is my intrepid explorer, who falls and skins her knee, drawing blood, and doesn’t even cry, but just gets up to continue chasing the kitten, crying inconsolably, like I’ve never heard her cry.

I couldn’t get through to the pediatrician. I just kept getting their dumb recording, giving their office hours, and saying, “If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911.” By that point it certainly felt like an emergency. So I did.

I was worried she had cracked her skull and her brain was swelling. I was worried she’d given herself a concussion. I was afraid something was terribly wrong.

While I was on the phone to the 911 operator, Kevin and Joyce were finally able to get Brielle calmed down, and she began to act normally. By that time, however, the process was in motion and a Sheriff’s car, fire engine, ambulance and a couple of first responders arrived. I felt kind of silly then, and certainly didn’t need my mother-in-law telling the EMT’s I was just a hysterical mom to add to my chagrin. They, on the other hand, were very reassuring and told me they’d rather have it turn out to be nothing, than not call and really need help. The EMT with whom I spoke told me he’d survived 4 skull fractures, and 4 concussions, with no ill effects. Boy! Do I feel for his mom!

All’s well that ends well, right, my little sugar snap?

4 thoughts on “She’ll be the death of me yet

  1. EEK! How scary! Sounds like my pediatrician’s office. Luckily we haven’t had an emergency yet – but I have NEVER been able to get through to anyone even in a non-emergency situation. Mercy West by chance? =-)

  2. Hey there…don’t feel at all like you did the wrong thing…I did the same when Ashlyn fell out of her wagon onto a hard floor..onto her nose and forehead. It was so scary.

    The EMT are so awesome, they never make you feel like you’ve done the wrong thing.

    Hope Brielle is feeling better!!!

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