Shallow thoughts

Tap shoes are ideal for killing spiders.

It’s hard when you don’t get to go fishing with the big kids.

Frosting is fun.

You know Mama isn’t feeling well when you go through a large jar of peanut butter in a week.

Cadrian calls Aviana “Ah-ah.” It’s unclear if Brielle is “Bop” or as yet, unnamed.

I really wish my family vacation included a beach house and a nanny.

I wish I had plans for a family vacation.

Generally, my ideas are much better in conception than implementation.

The girls want to open a combination lemonade and opera stand.

It’s a lot more work for me than it was for God to build a person.

My husband is part saint. Seriously.

Only a few minutes are necessary to completely terrorize the living room.

The three year doesn’t know how that dog food got in her pocket.

“Hot” is part of my daily lexicon.

One thought on “Shallow thoughts

  1. Hahaha! The one about terrorizing the livingroom sounds so familiar! The other day I was straightening up the house, as soon as I turned to look back at the last room I cleaned it was already torn up! Kids!Geesh! How do they do it?

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