Seven Months

At seven months, Brielle Analiese continues to be a joy and a delight. She will smile rapturously and coo genially at nearly everyone. She also makes banshees envious when she is upset, screaming an ear shattering scream. She is generally happiest being held or crawling around exploring. Sometimes she just wants her mama, and then out come the screams until her mama fix is met. She refuses to take a bottle and goes “Pbbbbbttt” when food is brought near her lips. Alternately, she keeps her mouth tightly closed until the offending spoonful is satisfactorily at a distance. The other day, she resolutely pinched her lips when offered a banana. Then as soon as I stopped trying, she grabbed the peel and stuck it promptly in her mouth. She can crawl fairly fast, and even chase boys. She pulls herself up on any stationary or slow moving thing, plant, animal, or any of her giants. She has almost learned how to get down from the stand, so her cries for help getting back to a crawl are more and more infrequent. She consistly poos and pees in the potty every morning and after naps, and if I am paying attention to her cues, I never have to change a dirty diaper. She will “Give me five” and clap. She objects strenuously if you take away something from her. And, I’m fairly certain, she now says Mama. She had said it several times while looking directly at me, and today, while sitting in my lap, she gazed pointed at a family picture and said “Mama”, then looked at me with her melt your heart grin.

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