As if my own grumpy girl, babbling baby, and burgeoning belly weren’t enough to contend with, now I have to deal with a decrepit diapered Daschund that doesn’t even belong to us!

Yes, Abbey has turned out to be quite the peeing machine. I let her out every hour, it seems like, and yet, when I go to put on my pants this morning (that I left on my bedroom floor) THEY ARE WET WITH DOG PEE!! This hasn’t been her first accident during the month long stay with us; but it definitely grossed me out the worst! The second worst being peeing on the new white loveseat in the big room. I know she’s old. I know it’s cold out. But still!

UPDATED:She scoots out of the diaper. Now what am I supposed to do?

If Brielle didn’t love her so much (she calls her MY Babbey) and I didn’t feel so sorry for her, I’d banish her to the freezing cold -enclosed-porch for the remainder of her stay ( Feb 2)

3 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. That is so sweet of you to take her in! I just want to say AWWWW (my heart is just made to love babies and animals). I’m sorry she’s having accidents everywhere though. That must be tough. *One* of our dogs is 10, and she’s getting grey, and it makes me so sad!! She was our first dog together and we love her dearly!!!

  2. Betty Jo says:

    I just read your diary in Country and this will be among my favorites! I live in NE Missouri so we are neighbors:) Sort of.

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