September through the years.

First day and some other September pictures for good measure.

September 2009
First day of MOMS group
AGGH–it’s too sunny Mama!

Still too sunny, and the baby is in no mood to play along

Well, at least no sun is in our eyes.
Let’s just take the baby out of the equation… Much better!
September 2008
First day of MOPS
No one was really in the mood to play along this day…

Except for him. He was all about the smiles.

How I wish they would have looked on the first day
I could have said this was the first day, you’d never know. But, see, I’m honest like that.
Here are some zebra outfits again. I do love me some zebra!

First day of MOPS

Aaaaaaaand another zebra outfit.




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