Secrets of Organized People

continue to elude me.

At MOPS today we had a professional organizer come in today to speak with us. It was interesting, and she is coming over for a complimentary consultation on Friday. Yet, I feel as if I’m about as organized as I can get. Here are some of the Habits of Very Organized People she included in a handout.

They only keep what they need or love. we still have a room full of my inlaws stuff. Plus here is our mentality: We got a new universal remote. I programmed it for the TV, VCR and DVD player, each of which have their own remotes, not to mention the remote for the stereos. After making sure the new remote would run the afore mentioned items, I said, “Great! now we can get rid of this old, broken remote!” (It’s broken, which is why we got a new one to begin with) Still with me? And Kevin responds with, “Maybe we should hang on to it in case the new one conks out!”
They have a place for everything. Sort of. I keep things in a spot (flashlights for example), but then other people use it, and we end up with a flashlight in every room. Sitting out.
They put things back. See above. I have trouble putting things away myself.
They keep it where they use it. Generally. I keep my stamps and all note card materials together. Bowls & measure cups together. Hot pads above the stove. Fish food on the fish tank. Like that. But I don’t know WHAT Aviana’s measuring chart is doing on the dining room table or her piggy bank is doing in the china closet or her books are doing on top of the refrigerator.
They write things down. That would be why I have post-its all over. We do have a central calendar where I write my stuff and the girls stuff down and Kevin is getting into the habit of it!
They don’t procrastinate. That’s what I’m doing right now.
They don’t allow papers to pile up. Papers. What papers? Do you mean those papers? Or those? Or maybe these?
They set goals and assign deadlines. I set goals. I even set deadlines. I make lists. I just don’t usually make my deadline.
They don’t over schedule. I don’t do too badly with this one.
They prepare for tomorrow tonight. Rarely. Rarely.
They multi-task. Always. I’m the queen of nursing and doing anything else. Although truth be told, Brielle is getting too big to nurse and walk around anymore. So I nurse and cut things out, or nurse and email ect.
They give themselves an extra 10. Yeah, I do too, and then the baby needs changed, or Aviana took off her shoes, or I forgot to go to the restroom, or I realize there are no more snacks in the snack cache…

Maybe you can relate?

11 thoughts on “Secrets of Organized People

  1. Ruth says:

    I laughed out loud 3 times reading your comments on organization. How did it go with that lady coming over – did it help? . . . . What papers? You mean those papers & how about these! That’s so true!

  2. I think we are kindred spirits here on this one. I found myself in many of your comments. The thing is I WANT to be organized and I keep thinking once I get organized, I’ll just keep it that way, if I ever get there… yes, I am an optimist! Great post! I hear ya girlie!! (Hey, I too attend MOPS… actually I just got back from our steering retreat where we planned the next year!!)

  3. I would have had to have gotten organized before the consultant came over, and with my penchant for procrastination it never would have happened!

    “Organized Chaos” is our motto around the Barking Mad manor.

  4. I always say that an organized mind is a sure sign of a weak mind. or empty social calendar. or something else BAD! That’s how I make myself feel better about the disarray that is my life! 😉

  5. Mama G says:

    OH!!! LOL!!! We LOVED this post and the comments!!! You didn’t get it from Dad, he says, cuz he got rid of a whole pick up oload of stuff last week, including 2X4’s, 4X4’s, 1X4’s, 1X6’s, the old stereo of Aunt Twila’s he had to buy to get your dresser at the auction. (He tore it all apart and for his 3+ hours of hard, sweaty work, he made $22 in what he sold to the metal scrap place.) The red pine tree he cut down. The stump off the willow tree he cut down. The pussy willow trimmings, almost all cleaned out of the garage. So the garage showed improvement and we had GREAT bonfires at the family reunion! OH! and the box of wooden spools he had had since 1987, those went to a niece. TaDa! so you didn’t get it from him!!!

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