Scrumptiousness by Mail

My uber-talented across the country blog friend sent me a care package. What a wonderful gift.

Well, ok, technically, it’s a prize because I won a guessing game on her blog, but still, I’m pretending it’s because she knew I’d have a rough week and some yummers tea and honey sticks would be just the ticket to fix me up. Aren’t those cards she made abso-smurf-ly wonderful?

And that font on the ones lying down? Totally my favorite. It’s called Pharmacy. My other favorite font is called Ale and Wenches. In case you were wondering. Surely I’m not the only one with a favorite font. And of course, here are the girls enjoying their dessert of half a lemon honey stick. I have to share everything around here.

We usually bathe them, then we eat and they go right to bed (ideally) after stories and snuggles and songs (and lately with B, a LOH-HOT of hassle.) so they eat in their jammas. Do you do that? Maybe our bedtime routine is the problem…

Many thanks Miss Marfa!

11 thoughts on “Scrumptiousness by Mail

  1. When my kids were little, we never did baths before meals. (Isn’t that counter-productive?) I think I read somewhere that a warm bath is very calming and can be conducive to a sleeping environment. So maybe you could be missing out on that window of opportunity.

    OR maybe ALL toddlers are wired to be COMPLETE bears to put to bed. 🙂

  2. Nice cards! Making some of those is on my list of craftiness to-do’s. I couldn’t have my girls eat dinner with their jammies on b/ they eat like little pigs and I’d end up having to put new ones on before bed anyway! You must have some dainty little ones w/ great manners 🙂

  3. Love the pajamas BEFORE dinner idea…

    Mine head out for late night games right after dinner(IF) I can get them eat at all? PJs might not work so well.

    Last night they played in all the neighborhood programmed sprinklers that came on around 8-9 PM! DEFINITELY not good for pjs!

  4. Nuh-uh….definitely bath after dinner in our house! a) some messy eaters live here and b) we go UPSTAIRS to bath and once up there, its an unspoken rule that no-one come downstairs again for the evening.

    OK,”unspoken rule” is probably a stretch — I have been known to YELL this rule rather loudly on rough days….!

  5. Oh-boy! I don’t know…we only have one so if he is clean & bathed then I tend to wrap him in napkins before supper time…he tends to stay clean that way but mostly is is math after supper :o)

  6. Cute prize package! I do have a favorite font (or a few)! LOL! I think if you’re a writer, you just have faves!

    On the bedtime routine: we eat dinner. Then bath and jammies. Then the girlies get to come snuggle on the couch (Abby gets a bottle, Elaina sometimes gets milk but usually water). Then up to bed with Abby a few minutes later.

    I spend an hour with Elaina and then she goes up to bed. I think having them eat and then bathe is a great idea! ESPECIALLY on spaghetti night!!!

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