Saving Souls and Decorating

Are you familiar with the Salvation Army?

According to Dave and Neta Jackson, authors of Hero Tales, “The slums of East London were a sad place to be at this time (the late 1800’s). It was said that every fifth house was a “gin house” with special steps to help even the tiniest children reach the counter. By five years old, many children were alcoholics. Some even died.
But the street corner preaching of the Salvation Army worked. In fact, so many people came to know Christ and stopped drinking and gambling that business began to slow at the gin shops. The owners, who had been getting rich by selling alcohol to these poor people were not happy and did everything they could to stop the street-corner preachers. But God would not let them stop the work of the Salvation Army.”
I think the mission of the Salvation Army has changed somewhat in the ensuing hundred-odd years, but it’s my understanding it’s still a Christian organization, still helping the poor. That’s God’s work right there.
Another reason why I really like the Salvation Army is you can score superfab deals like these:
Make me feel like I have a grown up bedroom now! We need a headboard and some grown up decorations on the dressers, like I dunno. Candles or statues or something. What do people put on their dressers anyway?
And for the record, we did not get the baby at the Salvation Army. He came with the room. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saving Souls and Decorating

  1. we put clean folded clothes on top of our dresser… hoping they will work their way into the drawers… and trash, coins, watches, and kids stuff we stepped on but didn't crush. They are decorated – except the couple times a month I can't deal and clean them off. Oh ya, I forgot that constant layer of dust.

  2. hee hee… i like your last little disclaimer… he came with the room. 🙂

    as to what do people put on their dressers…. mine typically has a pile of stuff moved from the counter when company comes…

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