Sassy Spray

It’s so crazy how the littlest things can just add up. Brielle had stuck some stickers to the table when we were doing a project, and I was frustrated with that, and of course Aviana is trying to assert her will all day long, and I was frustrated with that.

I asked her, to keep her from pestering me while I was trying to rescue my table, “Why don’t you take some of the stickers off this paper and decorate this envelope?” And she said “But, MAAAA-MA…” It was then I started yelling. Then I realized what I was doing and calmed down.

I told Aviana I was going to make Sassy Spray and starting tomorrow if she mouthed off, or started one single sentence with “But…” she was getting Sassy Spray. She doesn’t even know what it is, but since I read about it the other day we’ve talked about it, and does not like the idea one tiny bit! She cried and cried. She kept telling me she didn’t want the Sassy Spray. I told her it’s her choice because she doesn’t have to be so argumentative and doesn’t have to start a sentence with “But…”

And she said, all teary and pathetic, “I just want you to use your good voice, not your evil voice!”

I guess Mama could use some Sassy Spray too!

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  1. We use hot sauce for Levi when he says bad words. Now the girls try to get him to say bad words, because they think it’s funny, but he won’t then says, “No. I don’t want hot sauce.” That’s the funny thing!! lol

  2. Oh, yes, we’re big fans of the vinegar in the spray bottle. And by the teaspoon. (Make sure you check your spray bottle before you use it … I’ve found that my vinegar goes bad from time to time. No idea why.)

    We also try to do the reverse, too. It’s so easy to just focus on the negative, that sometimes I forget to praise the positive! When one of the kids says something that’s very kind and sweet, or shows great progress at something we’ve been working on, we give a spoon of honey and talk about Proverbs 16:24. When we do the vinegar, we (very briefly) talk about vinegar being the opposite of honey, and unpleasant or disrespectful words being the opposite of kind words.

    Instead of “yes, ma’am,” we’re teaching the kids to say “yes, ma’am, I’d be glad to!” And they have to say it in the right voice. I’ve found that if they practice the right attitude, they usually end up having the right attitude.

    Thanks for your sweet words yesterday. I love that idea, and I think I’m going to talk it over with the husband and use it!


  3. Oh I love using that verse with it! I’m (fairly) good about verbal positive reinforcement, because of the classroom practice, but to send the message home with honey & the Bible? Ka-Pow!

  4. Oh, how cute. I love your other daughter’s names to. funny, my oldest is Gianna- along the same lines. Do have names for the next one yet? I have a Shaye and a Mackenna too.

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