Rollin’ in it!

Egg money! We put a sign down by the corner that reads “Eggs ahead” and one by our driveway that reads “Eggs for sale” and we had an actual customer within the week! At this rate the chickens will pay for themselves in four years! Give or take. 🙂

In case you’re curious, we have California Whites, which lay white eggs. We have been calling them California Racing Chickens, as they are usually the escapees and the hardest to get back in the pen. They are the lightest too and were flying out and getting killed by Roscoe the trusty beagledor until Kevin completely covered the pen with what else? Chicken wire. We have Black Sex Link, which we think is a pretty dumb name, and Rhode Island Reds; both these breeds lay brown eggs. We’re down to 14 out of the original 25 we started with in April, mostly due (well, completely due) to death by dog.

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