Road Trip

Brielle and I took a road trip across Iowa. We went up to Waterloo to pick up my friend from her parents’ house and took her to the airport in Cedar Rapids so she could fly to her new home in Pittsburgh. Brielle did amazingly! We had such a fun day! Anne’s dad took us out to eat, then Anne took me shopping and bought me a new sweater (a very special treat!). We had a grand time just talking and talking and talking. Here we are at the airport. Then after her flight, I went over to my brother’s house where I learned I was NOT good at video rock star (no fear for rockstarmommy from me!)Here Cory shows Brielle how to play video rock star. He’s awesome, although there was one really hard song where he had to stand up to play, and sweated a little. He never got booed like me! He took me out to eat at Osaka, a Japanese sushi (which I did not have) grill where they cook your food right in front of you. Despite the fact that I had a terrible headache all day and wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it home, I had a wonderful wonderful day, day I will never forget.

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