Resting Peacefully

Miss Aviana came through like the super trooper she is. She is resting as peacefully now as she has in over a week.

Her little body is amazing. She had “walled off” the appendix nastiness in a little pocket, so the infection had not had a chance to spread throughout her body. This is why she was presenting so abnormally and it was so hard to diagnose. Her intestines and bowels had just shut down in response to the nearby abscesses, further complicating matters, because then they appeared to be part of the cause.

They said she would probably be feeling really crummy for two or three more days, and then should perk up. Sunday would be the earliest that we would be able to go home. I’m feeling so sad, because I had hoped she would be on the mend and I could take her to the story hour they have tomorrow at the hospital library. The library is nicer and bigger than one we frequent in a small town near us!

I checked out several books this morning, before her surgery, and she actually wanted to read, and listened to a few. She also watched a little bit of Curious George (I have an entire tape full of episodes taped off of PBS), before she got too tired and “just wanted to listen.” She was still too weak to really hold up her head though.

I gave her a sponge bath yesterday, and washed her hair, but it is already matted and sweaty, its fine blondness sticking out in all directions. She still has the NG tube up her nose and is still really pasty. She just looks so pathetic, I can hardly keep from crying every time I look at her.

She has three little incisions in her belly, which would form a lovely triangle if she ever wants to connect her scars with a Sharpie. She’s on Tylenol (a suppository– poor thing, but at least they removed the rectal tube) and will give her morphine in her IV if she seems like she starts being in a lot of pain. She wakes up every once in a while and cries almost incoherently, but I was able to make out, “I’m done. I’m done wif my surgery.” and “Home.”

I thought I would post her address if you want to send a card. I wouldn’t have thought of this, but my sweet grandma already did! What a wonderful lady! I know she would be excited (eventually) to open mail. You could also send me a nice fat milk chocolate bar –Just kiddin’
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
Attn: Aviana (our last name)

2 thoughts on “Resting Peacefully

  1. Oh sweet, sweet child ~ may God hold her close in his loving arms while the miracle of healing takes place.

    Sending prayers for a flock of Guardian Angels to keep watch over you all and help you rest in trust and peace.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jessica-
    Wanted to let you know that I admire you. You are a very strong woman. Aviana is lucky to have you as a mom. I am so glad God is answering our prayers and will soon have your lovely daughter back sleeping and playing back home. I can’t wait to give you both a BIG hug!
    Let me know when I can bring a meal over for you and/or help watch brielle.
    Love, MP

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