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Mama, Mama! Tum Twit! Dere’s sumpthing wearwy drose in the yawrd!
I know what it is. The dogs dragged up a dead deer.
But you HAVE to wook. It’s wearwy drose!

Later: hubby comes in and kisses me hello.
me: You smell like my dad after he comes in from hunting.
him: That’s because I just dragged a deer carcass across the yard.

Ahhh…the joys of living in the country. Farm not-so-Fresh

Recently Googled
mountain cabin bows Bows to match adorable outfits I bought

ramen noodle recipes made some pretty good vegetable noodle soup

cost to run a space heater for about 5 hours a day = $9/month

socks with ballet flats so that’s a fashion “don’t”. Hmmm… But what if I want to wear my ballet flats in an Iowa winter? I probably still will

changeling true story I think this movie will be far too graphic for me, but I was still wondering about the truth behind it

habeas corpus Both of these came up in the reviews of the new Lincoln book I’m reading. I had no idea what they were. *shrugs* what can I say? I’m a product of public schools 😉

stinky baby toots I found out Ben Franklin has actually written essays about umm…err… Great Quantities of Wind. I didn’t however find out exactly why it seems this baby’s toots smell more than my others’.

red ryder bee bee gun I don’t know what it is about that movie, but I love it!

whopper junior calories Possibly my favorite fast food burger

magic tree house and biblical I still don’t know what Mary Pope Osborne’s world view is.

matching history with the bible There’s a lot I don’t know. I wrote down several books from Sonlight’s high school curriculum that ought to help.

he’s from the country I’m from the city This would be a good name for my blog, but nothing came from this search.

Wished I’d Googled Recently

Can a four year old have PMS?

How can I keep the clutter from making me crazy?

How do I not feel guilty for taking naps?

What do I do to keep my every directive from being met with a loud “UNNNHHHHH!”?

How many days is it acceptable to go without showering?

Should I just get rid of all their toys?

How does one make spit-up sexy?

Is it wrong refuse to read a book to your children on the grounds of “I don’t want to.”?

Could they BE any cuter or any more fun or any sweeter or any more impossible?

Could I possibly love these kiddlets any more?

10 thoughts on “Recently

  1. How long did it take you to get that wonderful picture of my absosmurfly gorgeous grandchildren??? Mmmm-mmmm! And YES! It is QUITE legal to refuse to read a book because you don’t want to! I do believe you might’ve heard me refuse them more than once! XXXOOO

  2. LOVE the pic of the kids! It’s gorgeous! Beautiful kiddos, and great job getting them to all look. What’s up BLUE EYES?

    Found it amusing that you can stomach the dead deer, but that a movie might be too graphic. (I think a deer carcass is at the top of my gross list) LOL

  3. Sounds like a google search I’d like to run on some of those last ones! Especially about the books, the napping, and the showering. *SIGH* Why don’t people understand that being a SAHM is NOT glamorous and easy?!

  4. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m so used to seeing big BROWN eyes staring up at me all the time or what, but your kiddo’s big BLUE eyes are GORGEOUS!!!

    And their kid-speak is just darling. So glad you wrote it out just the way it sounded, because it’s amazing how you forget those little nuances as they grow older. It’ll be great to have a record of it.

  5. I loved your google list… what a creative post… you can learn lots about someone that way. I love the pic of your kiddos! What sweeties! And your “farm not so fresh” comment made me laugh!! Happy Monday (sorry it took me so long to catch up on my weekend reading)!

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