Reading Adventure

Aviana tried her first bounce house, which she liked more than is evidenced by this picture, although she did only ‘bounce’ for about 2 minutes. After eating in the car, and again about 8 minutes later on a bench, Brielle slept in her wrap the whole time.
We went to the petting zoo at which Aviana wanted to ride the donkey and was a little nervous about the chickens. Part of the “Reading Adventure” is a free book for the kids. She chose a Pooh book for her and I chose a Sandra Boynton one for Brielle.

We went on a hayrack ride (“which was filled with straw; a lot of people can’t tell the difference” says my DH).
Despite the chilly temperatures, a good time was had by all (especially when both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home!)

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